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INDIANAPOLIS — A mission-based business that started in a dorm room at Taylor University has expanded to a warehouse in downtown Indianapolis.

For every pair of socks, scarf, and hat Sky Outfitters sells, the business buys one back to help those in need. 

Sky Outfitters has already provided more than 30,000 winter items to homeless shelters across the country. 

For the first time, it’s partnering with a homeless shelter at home, Wheeler Mission. 

The month of November is dedicated to donating enough items to last Wheeler Mission through the next year.

To make that happen, Sky Outfitters needs to sell and buy back at least 40,000 socks, 2,500 winter hats, and 1,500 scarves.

You can see the product line and learn more about Sky Outfitters by clicking here

(Photo: WISH-TV)