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Congratulations, Indianapolis! You just re-elected a man who can’t fill potholes, championed one of the great public transit boondoggles of all-time with the Red Line, and presides over a city where one’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime is one in 17! 

Yippee!! Pass out the champagne! Hey, did anyone bring confetti poppers? 

Yes, Republican mayoral challenger Jim Merritt lost to incumbent mayor Joe Hogsett, but at least it was a close race.

UPDATE: No it wasn’t! In fact, Mayor Joe Hogsett finished the night with 71{46ff1f14221e6e90aab6104ff16614ca22b12c1f029f774ee196565ca96b3af3} of the vote! 71{46ff1f14221e6e90aab6104ff16614ca22b12c1f029f774ee196565ca96b3af3}!!! I confirmed it this morning after I sobered up.

“I am humbled, I am honored and I could not possibly be more excited to serve as the mayor of Indianapolis for another four years,” Hogsett said Tuesday night.

Yeah, we’re excited too, Mayor Hogsett!

WIBC host Tony Katz had a few comments on Mayor Joe Hogsett’s extraordinarily MASSIVE win Tuesday night as well:

“Why did Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett win re-election? Because voters were not given proper options. 

As for the city, I’m curious how the business community is going to react to this. I’m curious to see what the future growth is for this city. No one has a vision – except for Red Lines and Blue Lines and Purple Lines. However, based on the fact that Mayor Hogsett now has four more years and Democrats completely control the city council in every possible way, we can look at the cities of Baltimore and San Francisco and look forward to that becoming Indianapolis’ future as well.”

Congratulations, Indianapolis. Remember downtown commuters: bob and weave.