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Medicare-for-all reveals that basic math and budgeting are not Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s strong suit, but detailed read through her disastrous plan for the U.S. military confirms the 2020 presidential hopeful is a full black-belt level expert in pushing the agenda of the LGBTQ+ community.

Pop a Tums and have a gander at a few of the specifics laid out at

Warren will declare the “LGBTQ+ population” a minority group and move them into the Veteran Affairs (VA) Center for Minority Veterans:

“I’ll include the LGBTQ+ population in the VA’s Center for Minority Veterans, ensuring that they receive targeted outreach and equal care and are treated with dignity and respect. A Warren VA will ensure that every LGBTQ+ person can get the equitable, gender-affirming, and culturally-competent health care they need.”

“That means providing all medically necessary care related to the health of transgender people, including transition-related surgery, and allowing providers discretion to deem gender-affirming procedures as medically necessary based on an individualized assessment.

“This care will also be available under Medicare for All. Professional medical associations recognize the need for transition-related surgery.”

Warren says she’ll accomplish these goals while, simultaneously, “reining in our bloated defense budget” and “ending these endless wars”:

“We can honor our veterans by ending these endless wars, reining in our bloated defense budget and reducing the influence of defense contractors at the Pentagon, and bringing our troops home responsibly – and then providing our veterans with the benefits they’ve earned.”

Fun Fact: During a Democrat debate last month, Warren criticized President Donald Trump for his decision to end the “endless war” in Syria:

“What this president has done is that he has sucked up to dictators, he has made impulsive decisions that often his own team doesn’t understand. He has cut and run on our allies and he enriched himself at the expense of the United States of America.

“In Syria, he has created a bigger-than-ever humanitarian crisis. He has helped ISIS get another foothold, a new lease on life.”

Warren went on to say, “I think we ought to get out of the Middle East; I don’t think we should have troops in the Middle East,” a claim her campaign quickly redefined as a desire to recall only “combat troops” – but, this “spin was worse than the gaffe,” according to Washington Post Columnist Josh Rogin:

“Realizing their candidate had made a gaffe, the Warren campaign sent out a mid-debate tweet in which ‘Warren’ declared that we need to get our troops out of ‘Syria,’ not the entire Middle East. Campaign spokesperson Alexis Krieg told me in an email Warren ‘was referring to ‘combat troops’ since we have multiple non-combat bases, in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, etc and she did not mean those.’”


“The spin was worse than the gaffe. Does Warren (or the Warren campaign) not know that the United States’ Al Udeid base in Qatar flies “combat” missions fighting terrorists, including in Iraq and Syria, all the time? What is a “non-combat base” anyway? Are the U.S. bases in Iraq, to which our troops in Syria are now withdrawing, combat bases? Does Warren want to remove all U.S. troops from Iraq? The campaign declined to answer any of these questions.”

Meanwhile, Warren continues to delusionally marinate in her Hindenburg-esque healthcare plan. The Chicks on the Right have the latest comments from the Senator in the clip below.