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INDIANAPOLIS — You can help honor Indiana’s veterans this Saturday on the circle.

The Shining a Light Premiere is open to everyone and begins at 4 p.m. on Monument Circle. 

It the first part of Indy’s “Signature Salute.”

“Every night of the year at or after dusk we will do a brief presentation, a video presentation,” said Bob Schultz, Senior Vice President of Downtown Indy Inc., “where we recognize and honor Indiana veterans.”

Thousands will gather around the Soldiers and Sailors Monument and be caught in the middle of a multi-million dollar arts and cultural production.

In hopes of bringing new life onto Monument Circle, the surrounding buildings and the Monument will be lit up in red, white and blue as video and images of historic significance move along with a synchronized original score from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra written by Emmy Award winner John Colby.

“It’s the most iconic landmark in our city and state, but it is woefully underlit and under activated,” Schultz said. “and our goal is to bring energy and life to this space, especially in the evening hours.” 

The show will crescendo with the rising of four beams of light, which will soar towards the sky from each quadrant to illuminate Victory at the top of the Monument. This is meant to be a representation of Indianapolis being the Crossroads of America.

Schultz said Indy’s “Signature Salute” wouldn’t be possible without the more than $7.5 million grant from Lilly Endowment, which is to be used for bringing arts and culture into Indianapolis.