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After years of working hard to lower Americans’ expectations for what constitutes actual ‘food,’ the makers of the world’s tastiest laxatives are lowering the bar to qualify for a college scholarship!

Taco Bell is currently accepting applications from qualified candidates vying for $6 million in Live Más Scholarships. 

Yes, but what is required of applicants in order to actually qualify for financial assistance? An impressive GPA? Athletic ability? A genetic link to former “Full House” star Lori Loughlin?

Nope! Just proclaim to have ‘passion’ and you’ll qualify.

According to a press release, the Taco Bell Foundation will choose winners “whose passion and pioneering spirit burn so brightly, they don’t just influence their peers – they inspire them.”

To apply, students must submit a simple two-minute video describing their ‘passion’ and how they’ll use it to make a difference. No essays. No test scores. No evidence that you’re not a dumb ass who can’t even write his own name without copying another student’s paper. Just submit a video about a passion and you’re in the running.

Do we think Taco Bell should set higher standards for their scholarship applicants? Well…


Taco Bell Employee Licks Tacos

Who are we kidding? Taco Bell is in no position to pass judgment on America’s youth.

By the way, WIBC’s Jason Hammer of the Hammer and Nigel Show is TOTALLY down with Taco Bell’s “bring passion, win money” scholarship requirements. Hammer, who may or may not have accumulated massive amounts of debt via multiple late-night Taco Bell feastings, explains his position in the clip below.