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(Kena Betancur / Stringer/Getty Images)

Once again, progressive darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has proudly demonstrated her complete ineptitude in a public forum.

 Young AOC appeared at a rally for 2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in Council Bluffs, Iowa on Friday, and as usual, she managed to look like a lemming.

We now present the full transcript of Miss AOC’s comments:

“So here’s the deal. I, you know, and what it also — and so the deal is — sorry. And here’s the deal. The deal — I’m like, I got so much going on in my mind because I’m just talking to you all this evening. I was, like, trying to prepare some remarks on the plans, I was like, I’m just going to talk to them, okay?

“And so here’s the deal: is that we have to stitch ourselves together. We have to connect ourselves to one another. I came here today from the Bronx and the thing is is that our destinies are tied and there’s so many folks that want to say what do Iowans believe, what do New Yorkers believe, what do — “

Maybe AOC’s comments are like backmasking where you have to play them in reverse to understand what she’s saying.

” — od tahw ,eveileb srekroY weN od tahw ,eveileb snawoI od tahw yas ot tnaw taht sklof ynam os s’ereht dna deit era seinitsed ruo taht si si gniht eht dna xnorB eht morf yadot ereh emac I .rehtona eno ot sevlesruo tcennoc ot evah eW .rehtegot sevlesruo hctits ot evah ew taht si :laed eht s’ereh os dnA”

?yako ,meht ot klat ot gniog tsuj m’I ,ekil saw I ,snalp eht no skramer emos eraperp ot gniyrt ,ekil ,saw I .gnineve siht lla uoy ot gniklat tsuj m’I esuaceb dnim ym ni no gniog hcum os tog I ,ekil m’I — laed ehT .laed eht s’ereh dnA .yrros — si laed eht os dna — osla ti tahw dna ,wonk uoy ,I .laed eht s’ereh oS”

Nope, doesn’t help.

Maybe seeing it in video form will make it easier.

Nope, not any better.

Hey, you know what I think about whenever I’m forced to watch a video of AOC?

The Chicks on the Right offer commentary on AOC’s disastrous appearance in Iowa in the clip below.