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WASHINGTON, D.C.–Republicans are trying to stack the deck in the impeachment hearings that start today in Washington, said Rep. Andre Carson (D-Indianapolis), talking to Rev. Al Sharpton on MSNBC this week. He said he believes the president abused his power in a conversation with Ukraine’s president.

“Even with their attempts to remove certain members from the Intelligence Committee and replace them with the likes of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), it shows that they are pulling from some of Pres. Trump’s staunchest allies,” said Carson.

He said Republicans are attempting to stack the deck with “Advocates and people who are more disruptive”. Carson said he believes some of those people would leak information to the media.

“It shows a kind of lack of patriotism in my mind, since they (Republicans) want to talk about the Constitution and patriotism so much.”

Carson predicted that witnesses would highlight that Pres. Trump used tax dollars as leverage to try to force the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden.

“I think it’s a textbook abuse of power.”

Republicans have said repeatedly they believe the impeachment process is a sham and that there is no impeachable offense.

“I think [House Democrats&#93 have spent a lot of time thinking that the more people you trot out to say the same thing all adds up to something, but it’s all based on the transcript that has been out for weeks. That’s not moving anybody here,” Tweeted Sen. Mike Braun.

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