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We are a mere two months into the city’s sadistic experiment with rapid bus transit and there are already problems. The good news is, the buses have stopped smashing into other drivers. The bad news is, that’s partially due to the fact that the buses don’t work in the cold.

Yes, those super high-tech, all-electric bitchin’ buses the city purchased will only function as expected if the weather cooperates, apparently. Based upon evidence gathered over the last several weeks, once the temperature outside dips 50 degrees, the buses’ State of Charge or ‘SOC’ becomes too low to complete their route, which means riders are ‘SOL.’

Meanwhile, IndyGo has confirmed with CBS 4 Indy that the entire median running along College Avenue will have to be replaced. According to their report, spots along College are littered with pieces of the median that are either loose or completely missing.

If only we could have seen this coming. Oh, that’s right, WE DID!

Albuquerque, New Mexico put these crappy buses into service back in 2016. Every single problem that Indianapolis is experiencing with the Red Line – buses not working, buses smashing into people – are a repeat of Albuquerque. In fact, Albuquerque got so fed up with their electric buses that they were forced to replace them with reliable diesel buses.

Let’s cut our losses and ditch the ideological fantasy of the Red Line before tripling down on our problems with the Blue and Purple Lines.

Uber works. My car works. Those stupid scooters work! Rapid Transit Buses? Not so much. 

WIBC host Tony Katz commented on the latest issues with the disastrous Red Line on Thursday’s show. Click below to check it out!