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SANTA  CLARITA, Calif. — Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials say one of the people they transported to a hospital from a school shooting was the shooter.  Detective Kent Wegener said they reviewed video that shows the suspect shooting himself in the head in the quad area of Saugus High School. 

There were five others wounded, two of which have since died. One of the dead is a 16-year-old girl; the other fatal shooting victim is a 14-year-old boy.

 The suspect is in grave condition. Wegner said they identified the shooter from witness testimony as well as video at the school.  They searched the suspect’s home to ensure there were no other victims.  The shooting took place this morning and officers arrived at the scene two minutes after the first call came in. 

The suspect turned 16 today.  He’s described as an Asian male who was dressed in all black.  Law enforcement searched for a suspect and there were initial reports that he had fled after the shooting.  They searched nearby hills and then checked his home before one of the students transported to the hospital was identified as the suspect.  

(Photo by KCAL/KCBS)