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Bad news for the children of America. Word just came down from Chuck E. Cheese corporate that they’ve fired Munch’s Make Believe Band from all their locations across America.

That’s right, no more dining on mediocre pizza while enjoying the musical stylings on a giant animated mouse. No more joy. Book your birthday celebration party today.

It gets worse. They’re getting rid of tokens too. 

“All locations will soon feature rides and games that can only be accessed using play passes which are pre-loaded with time and money,” according to a press release. 

Swell. The same thing that ruined Vegas slot machines for adults is now taking the fun out of videogames. 

The menu is also getting bastardized, with items like a cauliflower crust pizza being added. I’m sure that one will be a big hit with the kids. 

Chuck E. Cheese warned Americans that changes were on the way back in 2017. But this week, the brand unveiled the new store design and it looks like typical corporate crap.

Chuck E. Cheeses

The chain, which started in San Jose, California as a “pizza theater’ in 1977, credits itself with being the first pizza chain in the U.S. to incorporate arcades and live entertainment into the family dining experience. And what better way to capitalize on that history than to eliminate the very things that made them famous and fun?

Screw it. The kids will probably just sit at the table and play with their mobile devices anyway.

Whatever happened to Paramount’s Pizza Palace? Now THAT was a pizza place. You sat there listening to a guy playing a giant organ while munching on pizza that didn’t have a trace of cauliflower in it.

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