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INDIANAPOLIS–The Bands of America Grand National high school band championships are in Indianapolis this weekend. Sixteen bands from Indiana will compete for the championship. More than 90 bands from across the country will meet at Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis. 

More than 10,000 people are expected to attend and compete.

“As much as we don’t like to think of it, there are cliques in high school and band is just so accepting with all different types of people,” said Mariah Shelton, talking to WISH-TV. She ‘s a member of the 256-person Avon band, which is a four-time Grand Nationals champion.

“We all just like love each other so much and it’s just like a family,” she said. “It feels like, we’re all kids and we’re growing up and we’re still trying to figure ourselves out and just like having a group of people who are going to stick with you through that is so comforting and so relieving.”

Students have been preparing for the competition since September.