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(INDIANAPOLIS) – Cummins says it will cut greenhouse gas emissions in half in 10 years, as part of a sweeping new environmental pledge.

The Columbus-based engine maker says it will cut carbon emissions from its factories in half, reduce emissions from its finished products by one-fourth, and in 30 years, reach zero emissions. The company is straightforward about how it will get there: it doesn’t know yet. CEO Tom Linebarger says he has confidence in Cummins’ engineers, and says the company will be investing in a lot of technologies, as it works to improve the energy efficiency of its engines without driving up the cost. He says customers have made clear they’re not willing to pay a premium for cleaner-burning engines. 

Linebarger says Cummins will be transparent about its progress toward the goals, whether it meets them or not.

Along with the emissions commitment, Cummins is also pledging to reduce water use by 30{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89} and fully recycle all packaging materials from employee cafeterias.

Cummins says companies have an obligation to do their part to turn back the risks from climate change. He says the standards Cummins is embracing meet or exceed those laid out in the Paris climate accords.

The Trump administration has given notice the U.S. will withdraw from the Paris agreement, but the rules of the accord say the withdrawal can’t take effect until next November.

Cummins CEO Tom Linebarger (Photo: Eric Berman/WIBC)