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WASHINGTON — Another round of public impeachment hearings kicks off today in the House Intelligence Committee. 

Several witnesses will appear over the next three days.  Today’s witness list includes Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman from the National Security Council, NSC. 

“Mr. Vindman has been subpoenaed by Congress,” said Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, one of the President’s most vociferous defenders. “That means members of Congress should get to ask the questions they want. Adam Schiff doesn’t just get to ask the questions he wants.”

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Vindman was one of the officials listening in on President Trump’s July phone call with the president of Ukraine. Special U.S.-Ukraine envoy Kurt Volker, Tim Morrison, and Jennifer Williams will also testify today. 

Williams is an adviser to Vice President Mike Pence and Morrison is a former NSC official.  Williams and Morrison also monitored Trump’s July phone call. 

In a recent deposition, Morrison said he was told by U.S.-EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland that U.S. military aid for Ukraine was conditioned on the public launch of an investigation of Democrats. 

Sondland was put in charge of overseeing Ukraine’s policy and will testify tomorrow.  Democrats accuse Trump of pressuring Ukraine’s leader to launch a political investigation while delaying critical aid to Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian leader was also pushing for a coveted White House meeting and photo-op with the American President.

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