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House Speaker Brian Bosma said Tuesday he will retire at the end of the 2020 legislative session. 

Bosma, the state’s longest-serving House Speaker, made the announcement during Organization Day, the ceremonial first day of the legislature before the 2020 session starts in January. 

Gov. Eric Holcomb issued the following statement about Bosma’s decision:

“So many know Brian Bosma for his contributions of unparalleled consequence at a time when our state needed strength in the Speaker’s Chair. Others know him for his incredible capacity to give to causes serving those most in need. Since the turn of this century, I’ve come to know Brian as a trusted friend, and for that reason alone, he’ll remain on my speed dial. Speaker Bosma’s the type of state leader you don’t replace, you only follow. I’m wishing Brian and Cheryl an equally personally fulfilling next chapter in life, once this one comes to a close.”

Hammer and Nigel spoke with WIBC political correspondent Abdul-Hakim Shabazz Tuesday afternoon about Bosma’s announcement.


“I don’t think there is any hidden agenda behind why he chose to make the announcement on the same day that ‘Red for Ed’ protesters descended on the State House. This was Organization Day for the legislature, so it’s appropriate that he would make the announcement today. Now I do think from a politically tactical perspective, it kind of takes some of the air out of the rally because now, those of us who write about this stuff will have to cover both the Bosma announcement and Red for Ed.

But no, Bosma has no intention of running for Governor or Congress. The Speaker will be doing some work with like a National Republican Political Council – people who work to get Republicans elected to the legislature – but he’s been working with them for like 10 years. And he’ll still be practicing law.

…In terms of who will replace Bosma, State Representative Todd Houston in Fishers is a name that’s been floated in the past. He was kind of the co-chair of the House Ways and Means Committee when Dr. Tim Brown who was the original chair got hurt in a motorcycle accident. Houston oversaw some of the sports betting stuff coming through and some of the other gaming legislation. I spoke to him briefly today, he said he was interested, but of course, it’s going to be a caucus decision.”

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz will have an interview with Brian Bosma this Saturday at 1pm on WIBC.