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POSEY COUNTY, Ind. — The Indiana State Police issued a criminal investigation after the Indiana Department of Child Services removed John and Tammy Crowe’s children from their home due to dangerous and deplorable conditions on Nov. 13th. The investigation revealed that the Crowes’ nine and eight-year-old sons were living in the upstairs portion of the house and were often locked upstairs for long periods of time.

According to the ISP, the boys were required to use a plastic jug when using the restroom because there wasn’t a restroom upstairs. The glass in a bedroom window was also missing, exposing both boys to the cold weather. The upstairs bedroom was heated only by an electric fan mounted near the stairwell downstairs when the door was open and unlocked. 

The Posey County Prosecutor’s Office reviewed the investigation and issued arrest warrants for John and Tammy Crowe. Both were arrested and taken to the Posey County Jail, where they are being held on bond. 

(PHOTO: Indiana State Police)