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(Screen Capture: Fox News)

Nationally-syndicated radio host Tony Katz says he isn’t the least bit surprised that voters in middle America continue to express unwavering support President Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump connects with people in the Midwest,” Katz said in a Monday appearance on Fox & Friends. “He’s talking to them and he listens to them – something that the Democrats don’t know how to do. [The Democrats] haven’t given voters in the Midwest a single reason to even consider voting for them in 2020.”

Katz’s comments were in response to an article in the New York Post by journalist Salena Zito that claimed so-called ‘rust belt’ voters – including lifelong Democrats – would cast their ballots for Trump in 2020.

“Democrats don’t speak to the people in middle America; they don’t care about them and they don’t think that they’re worthy of respect,” said Katz. “Instead, it’s just this constant conversation of radicalness, socialized medicine, and higher taxes to grow the size of government.”

He continued: “No one on the left is talking about growing manufacturing, bringing manufacturing jobs back to U.S. soil except for President Donald Trump. No one on the left is talking about the USMCA, which would be a major boon to middle America and the Midwest in particular. Democrats haven’t given people in the Midwest a single reason to consider changing their vote.”  

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