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STATE WIDE–People may spend more money this year than last year, but you proably won’t see as many people at traditional mall and shopping center stores like Kohl’s and Macy’s, said Gerry Dick, with Inside Indiana Business.

He said a five and a half percent increase in holiday spending is expected nationally, and that’s also expected to be reflected in Indiana.

“Certainly we see layoffs in the manufacturing sector…but, overall unemployment is at historically low levels here and that means consumer confidence is better and that people are going to spend money,” he said, on Tony Katz and the Morning News.

He said online shopping, or e-commerce, may grow 15 to 20 percent.

“So, that continues to be very healthy.”

But, if you do plan to go out Black Friday shopping, you can expect to find good deals. 

“We’re gonna to see some deep discounting to try to get people in the stores,” he said.

PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis