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INDIANAPOLIS — The Circle of Lights is a celebration that includes the lighting of what some people consider the world’s largest Christmas tree. This year’s event will resemble most past years, with some people making both the ceremony and the stringing of the lights, a family tradition.

“My father, his name was Elmer Green, he was the first foreman on the job in 1962 until probably 1972,” said Richard Green, who began volunteering to work on the stringing of lights on the monument with other members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, in 1989.

“When they first started doing it, it was four or five people and it took them about a month to do it,” said Green, talking with Terri Stacy on Home and Garden.

This year more than 250 volunteers and IBEW workers gave their time to string the lights Nov. 16.

“It’s gotten a lot better since there are so many people helping.”

David Ruhmkorff, with IBEW Local 481, said he’s glad to be part of the group.

“It’s just giving back to the community that provides jobs for us throughout the rest of the year,” he said.

Green said besides the changeover to LED lights, the lights are close to the same as they were when the monument was first lit in 1962.

“They did use to have some angels they’d put up and there did use to be a star on the top,” he said.

Green said special care has to be taken to make sure the strings are pulled exactly the same way on opposite sides of the monument.

“The foundation actually just sits on blocks underneath,” he said, noting that pressure from the strings could throw the memorial out of balance.

The Circle of Lights is 6 to 8 p.m., Friday, Nov. 29.