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WASHINGTON — The House Intelligence Committee will begin to review its impeachment report today. 

The committee has been looking into allegations President Trump used the power of his office to force Ukraine to launch investigations that would benefit him politically. 

After a 24-hour review of the report, the committee will likely vote to either approve or reject it on Tuesday.  It’s expected to pass on a party-line vote. 

It would then move to the Judiciary Committee, which is holding its first impeachment hearing on Wednesday. The White House says it will not participate in this week’s impeachment hearing in the House Judiciary Committee.  

White House Counsel Pat Cipollone slammed lawmakers for not outlining which witnesses would testify.

Cipollone accused the New York Democrat in the letter of “no doubt purposely” scheduling the hearing while Trump will be at a NATO meeting in London.

(PHOTO: marekslusarczyk/Thinkstock)