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WASHINGTON —  The House Intelligence Committee has released its final report on impeachment. 

The impeachment report from the House Intelligence Committee accuses Donald Trump of abusing his power as President. 

The report from the Democratic-led panel says Trump placed his own personal and political interests above the national interests of the U.S. It alleges that Trump undermined national security in favor of politically-motivated investigations aimed at helping his re-election campaign. 

The report asserts that Trump abused his authority by pressuring Ukraine to investigate Democrats.  At the time, the White House was withholding nearly $400 million in planned U.S. military aid to Ukraine. 

The report says Trump solicited the interference of a foreign government to benefit his re-election.  Trump is also accused of obstructing congressional investigations. 

The report from the intel committee is being forwarded to the House Judiciary Committee.  The judiciary panel is responsible for drawing up articles of impeachment.  An earlier report from Intelligence Committee Republicans absolved Trump of wrongdoing and insisted that Democrats have not made their case.  

Click here to read the report on the US House website.

(Photo by Marek Slusarczyk/Getty.)