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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis pediatrician wants you to change the way you serve your kids food.

Doctor Manasa Mantravadi takes new recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics seriously. When she learned about the move away from plastic dishes and cups, she started looking for an alternative for her own kids. Well, there really isn’t much out there for children in the U.S. that fit the recommendations, which are glass or stainless steel, so Mantravadi decided she would create it.

Ahimsa offers stainless steel dishes, bowls, cups and cutlery just for kids. Stainless Steel is inert, so no unwanted chemicals will leach into kids’ food and the food won’t embed itself into crevices. It’s better for the environment and kids’ health, but Mantravadi even took it a step further.

“It was really important that the food didn’t touch, for the toddlers, but also visually it gave compartments for our older kids to make healthy choices. So knowing that ‘Oh, you know what? I need some fruit in here. I need some vegetables in here. I need my main course.’ And to kind of encourage those healthy habits from a young age,” Dr. Mantravadi said.

Ahimsa is actually the world’s first colorful stainless dinnerware for kids and it is based in Indiana.

The company is fully launched, so sets are available for order now and the company says you can get them in time for Christmas.

(Photo by WISH-TV.)