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Pre Article “Point to Ponder” Primer:

Pete Buttigieg Support Among African-Americans: 2{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89}

President Trump Support Among African-Americans: 34.5{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89}

And away we go…

Presidential hopeful and liberal extremist who masquerades as a “moderate” Pete Buttigieg knows a thing or two about political bias. He is, after all, the Mayor of South Bend — a city where marijuana arrests among African-Americans are disproportionately higher than arrests for whites. 

And then there was that incident in June, where a white South Bend police officer with a deactivated bodycam shot a 54-year-old black man. 

Oh, and then there’s that little problem with the lack of diversity in the South Bend police department, but that was partially due to Buttigieg’s decision to fire the city’s first black police chief roughly 13 weeks after being sworn in as Mayor. To be fair,  Mayor Pete had a legitimate justification for the decision, but that decision proceeded a surge in the city’s violent crime rate. 

Fun Fact: violent crime in South Bend is 120{a19b272382e43567b93d81f78cecbca1de1bd20e733811fd76565cd2f1d1cf89} higher than the national average.

But I’ve strayed from the point. The point is that Pete Buttigieg is a staunch advocate for the African-American community, and the fact that the number of black supporters at a Buttigieg campaign stop is slightly less than the average KKK rally is completely irrelevant. ‘White Pete’ cares about the black community. He even ate fried chicken with Rev. Al Sharpton once!

Inescapable Conclusion: “Pete for People of Color in 2020!” (copyright 2019, all rights reserved)

Yes, but as far as black voters are concerned, Pete Buttigieg still has all the political appeal of George Wallace. Thus, in a desperate attempt to gain favor with the black community, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is taking a page out of the Hillary Clinton playbook: push the narrative that Donald Trump and his voters are racists! Granted, Hillary Clinton was eviscerated by conservatives – including black Trump supporters –  for her “basket of deplorables” pontifications, but screw it! 

South Carolina is a particularly tough area for Buttigieg with black voters. In an effort to counter the negative perception of the South Bend Mayor, his campaign has launched a series of ads that double down on Buttigieg’s comments from last August, in which the presidential hopeful asserted that voting for Trump means ‘Looking The Other Way On Racism.’

WIBC host Tony Katz has full audio from Buttigieg’s new ads and offers his perspective in the clip below.