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Egomaniac and delusional narcissist Hillary Clinton hasn’t ruled out a third go at the White House in 2020.

A.D.D. moment: You ever have ya one of them ‘recurring nightmares’ that haunts you to the point where you’re afraid to leave the house? You think to yourself, “Okay, I’m past this crap. Maybe I’ll try venturing out today to prove to myself that this nightmare is all in my head. I know! I’ll go to the grocery! Nothing can happen at the grocery. Wait… Whose face is that on all the magazines in the checkout aisle? She looks like the woman in my nig… HOLY JEEZ!”

You ever see one of those paintings where the eyes follow you around the room? Spooky!

Anyway, Hillary Clinton made an appearance on the Graham Norton program recently. Asked about rumors of a 2020 ‘comeback’ (God almighty), Thunder Cough said she hasn’t given up the dream of lining the master bedroom closet at the White House with her “Kim Jong Un” line of pantsuits.

Grab a bottle of TUMS and have a gander at Clinton’s comments:

The Chicks on the Right fully eviscerated Pantsuit Patty in the clip below… Wait… Oh, sweet Jesus!!

In another five years, Hillary Clinton will look like that old woman who emerges from the tub in the “The Shining.”