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Ivanka Trump, daughter and advisor to President Donald Trump, was in Indianapolis this week as a part of her work with American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, which held its quarterly meeting Thursday on the campus of the Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis.

President Trump established the council by executive order in July 2018 as a way to “to ensure that America’s students and workers have access to affordable, relevant, and innovative education and job training that will equip them to compete and win in the global economy.”

On Thursday morning, board members toured the Indiana Women’s Prison to learn about “The Last Mile,” a business-skills and coding training program to help prisoners move into the workforce after their incarceration, before convening their fourth meeting.

The First Daughter spoke with nationally-syndicated radio host and WIBC morning man Tony Katz while en route to the Indiana Women’s Prison Thursday morning.

“We know the connection between the high rate of recidivism and unemployment [among formerly incarcerated individuals],” Trump told Katz. “So what we want to do is highlight programs that are working to take people who are incarcerated and ensure that they have the necessary skills and abilities to secure jobs upon returning back home to their communities.”

One of the purposes of visiting Indiana Women’s Prison is to learn about “The Last Mile,” a prison rehabilitation program that boasts a 0{342d4ff9325a28dcb7f2c75b24c2a469a7c28c0aebd22d83bf56550a2655925a} recidivism rate.

“We want to highlight that program,” said Trump, “But more generally, it feeds into what this workforce council is doing to ensure that in this roaring economy, everyone has the skills to secure a job.”

Former inmates equipped with a modern skillset will be poised to take advantage of multiple employment opportunities created by the extraordinary economic expansion under the Trump administration. It’s a job seeker’s market, with more employer vacancies available than unemployed Americans to fill them for the first time in U.S. history.

A crucially-important element behind the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board is that it is while it is a government initiative, the board is comprised of public officials and private employers.

“When the Federal government tried to do workforce development programs in the past, it tended to fail,” noted Trump. “So one of the things that President Trump did was establish something called ‘Our Pledge to America’s Workers,’ which is a call to action for private sector employers to embrace the philosophy that the single greatest asset to the economy is the worker.”

She continued: “We’ve successfully managed to get over 300 private employers to sign a pledge and commit to re-skill over 14 million American workers. That’s 14 million lives impacted either through advanced degrees, enhanced career opportunities, apprenticeships, and even helping older workers to sharpen their skill set to remain competitive and successful in the modern economy.” 

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