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The holiday season is here once again, and that means gathering with the ones you love most to exchange last year’s regifts, watch endless trays of family slides, and engage in petty arguments, fueled alcohol and rancid spinach dip that’s past its expiration date.

Editor’s note: Yes, that DID seem rather specific, didn’t it?

Why not do things a little different this year and shake things up at your holiday gathering with online shoppers’ top choice for drunken, yet wholesome family entertainment:

“Hammer and Nigel: The Board Game!” 

Yes, you’ll enjoy hours of entertainment as you viciously compete against friends, family, and uninvited guest Rob Kendall (“How the hell did he know where we live??”) in this year’s #1 selling discount game, featuring Indy’s #1 rated radio show! 

Look: the Chicks on the Right are NEVER going to let you play doctor with them! It’s time to lower your expectations and purchase “Hammer and Nigel: The Board Game.”

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