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WASHINGTON — Rep. Greg Pence is throwing his hat into the ring of representatives that are against the reinstatement of the medical device tax.

The tax is expected to be put back into place on January 1, 2020. It’s a tax on several items related to the healthcare industry including X-ray or MRI machines, hospital beds, or most industrial-use machines used by hospitals or doctor’s offices.

“Time is running out. We must repeal this medical device tax,” Pence said on the House floor. “This bill (Protect Medical Innovation Act) has broad bipartisan support in both chambers who recognize the detrimental impact this tax has on constituents that rely on medical devices or are employed by the industry.”

The bill also has support from Rep. Jackie Walorski and Sen. Todd Young of Indiana. All three members of Congress agree the tax is a tax on innovation, competitiveness, patients, and families.

(PHOTO: Courtesy of the Office of Greg Pence)