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WHITESTOWN, Ind. — Helping first responders get the same treatment as professional athletes, is the goal of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Jim Sorgi.

In his post-football career, Sorgi has started a business with former St. Louis Cardinals right fielder Joey Vandever in which they use technology to help treat and even prevent first responders from getting injured. The technology they use is called Dari Motion.

“It assesses movement,” Sorgi told Inside Indiana Business. “We’re able to find deficiencies and we’re able to get a bunch of data. With that data, we can analyze where we have deficiencies throughout the body. Where we can find those deficiencies we can predict and sometimes even be able to prevent injuries.”

It’s the same technology that is used by professional sports teams to treat injuries for their athletes. Sorgi is now taking that tech and using it for his company ProTeam Tactical, which was originally founded to help treat injuries first responders suffer on the job. Sorgi likens the movements of firefighters, for example, to those of pro athletes.

“We plan on servicing all fire departments, all EMS, all police departments throughout the state of Indiana,” said Sorgi. “It’s a five to seven-minute assessment. It’s relatively quick and we get the results on the spot. Then we analyze that data, we come up with a corrective and tell them about what’s going on.”

ProTeam has been testing the technology with the Whitestown Fire Department in the last year.

As the company expands, Sorgi said their first stand-alone location will be at Grand Park in Westfield where they plan to service the outlying departments in that area. Eventually, Sorgi said they want to take their product statewide to make sure all first responders are healthy and ready to do their jobs the best they can.

(PHOTO: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)