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UPDATE: This morning, in a 23-17 party-line vote on both articles of impeachment against President Trump, the House Judiciary Committee has voted to send the articles to the full House for consideration. 


WASHINGTON — The House Judiciary Committee is expected to vote today on two articles of impeachment against President Trump. 

The articles accuse Trump of abusing the power of the presidency and obstruction of Congress. The committee met for 14 hours yesterday before Chairman Jerrold Nadler recessed the meeting to give members time to “search their conscience.” 

Republicans who had expected to vote last night were furious. 

Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, called the move the “the most bush league stunt I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

“Words cannot describe how inappropriate this was,” Collins said.

But Democrats blamed Republicans for the schedule switch. They were furious at Republicans for what they believed was a blatant effort to drag out Thursday’s proceedings and delay final votes until the middle of the night.

House Democratic leaders have not said yet when the impeachment articles will go to the floor, but a vote is expected next week, along with votes to fund the government and hand the President a significant win by approving the new US trade deal.

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