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Abbey Winters, the wife of Chattooga County Sole Commissioner Jason Winters, is facing criminal charges for battery and disorderly conduct after she poured a drink on AllOnGeorgia reporter Casie Bryant as she sat at a conference table ahead of a public meeting.

Bryant had apparently asked her husband, Jason Winters, a difficult question about a trip to France, which sets Abbey Winters off. 

Abbey Winters was arrested Friday and later stated that Bryant “had it coming,” which is a common defense that is rarely viewed in a favorable manner by the average jury.

Winters, however, appeared confident in her legal challenge as evidenced by her jolly & cheerful booking photo:

politician's wife booked into jail after pouring drink on journalist

Enjoy video provided courtesy of AllOnGeorgia (Now in color!):

Fellow Chattooga County Council member Paula Arden called the incident “the most classless thing I’ve ever seen.” Not surprisingly, WIBC’s Jason Hammer heard Arden’s statement as a “challenge” of some sort, and he used the opportunity to cast dispersions upon the people of Georgia – a state that is still attempting to live down that whole “Squeal Like a Pig!” thing.

Check out the clip below from today’s Hammer and Nigel show to hear a guy from Beech Grove, Indiana throw mud at the 8th largest economy in the U.S. – a state where more films were shot in 2019 than Los Angeles, CA. Meanwhile, Hammer lives down the street from where this happened:

Good on you, Hammer! #BeechGroveWalmartStrong!

Check out the clip below.