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(David McNew / Stringer/Getty Images)

A former Bernie Sanders supporter who became pro-Trump post-2016 election confronted the Vermont Senator at a campaign event in Iowa Saturday. 

Sanders knew he was in trouble as the man approached the microphone, saying, “Uh oh, he’s looking at his phone. I’m in trouble.”

“Mr. Donald Trump, keep going, man. You’re doing a good job,”  the man said.

As the crowd booed, he continued: “You know what, I’m a liberal. I don’t agree with anything you say. I used to. I voted for you in 2016. And I’ve been to Vietnam and seen what socialism has done. It’s destroyed the lives [of many].”

The crowd then burst into laughter.

“Yeah, you can laugh all you want,” he said, “when they’re putting you in concentration camps.

“Donald Trump is helping our country. All right? He’s a good man… Socialism does not work.”

Then Sanders and the unidentified man shouted over each other, with Sanders saying, “Thank you for your contribution to the discussion.”

“Socialism doesn’t work! Socialism doesn’t work!” the man shouted as Police approached and Sanders supporters yelled, “Get him out of here!”

Take a look at this video of the incident:

The Chicks on the Right break down the full exchange in the clip below.