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INDIANAPOLIS–Operation Relentless Pursuit will not benefit Indianapolis with federal money or resources. But, Indy’s Fraternal Order of Police Pres. Rick Snyder, says that’s okay. He wasn’t expecting that help because the city is already getting help through U.S. Atty. Josh Minkler’s office.

“Proof positive is just yesterday his office announced the filing of seven cases involving local offenders…who are alleged to have committed drug and gun crimes,” said Snyder. 

Minkler’s offer of federal help came after Snyder visited with Pres. Trump, about the city’s violent crime problem. Snyder said that within ten days he had received the commitment of help from Minkler to compensate for policies that essentially amount to revolving door justice, where many offenders get a low bond and are back out on the street soon after being arrested.

Snyder said one reason is a state mandate that state inmates should be housed at local jails.

“In Marion County that has artificially created an overcrowding issue.”

He said 350 state inmates are housed in the Marion County lockup every day, 350 beds he says could be used for people who are sometimes violent and who revicitimize people immediately, especially in domestic violence situations.

“That’s a huge problem that we have and we’re hoping that our governor, Gov. Eric Holcomb, will engage on this issue. We need some relief on this mandate.”

One of the solutions has also caused several more problems, said Snyder. More than 4,000 people have been placed on home monitoring with an ankle bracelet. That’s more than any city in the country, and Indy doesn’t have the personnel to immediately investigate any time one of those monitors is cut off.

“We have confirmed that we have over 100 of those bracelets being cut off every single month,” he said. “That’s a crime in and of itself. Often times they’re doing that because they are committing a new crime and they don’t want to be tracked while they’re doing that.”

Snyder said officers show up at shootings, stabbings or other crimes, to find a cut off ankle bracelet in the area.

But, Snyder said much of the problem will be solved when both people and leaders are able to shed their apathy. You’ll read more about that tomorrow.