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From time to time, you come across a woman that inspires you to think, “Golly, the world sure would be a nicer world if God would kindly drop a house on that gal.”

2019’s official “Evil Stepmom from Hell” certainly meets the “squashed by pre-fab housing” requirement after asking social media users to edit her young stepson out of images from a family photoshoot.

On Sunday, a screenshot of Demon Mom’s Facebook post detailing her request found its way to Reddit where it quickly went viral, receiving over 67,000 upvotes and 2,100 comments.

The original post included three photos from a professional portrait session featuring the woman and her family posing in a field. In two of the pictures, the woman closely-held her apparently biological, toddler-aged children close in her lap, while an older, brown-haired boy was seated away to the right – undoubtedly dreaming of the day when he would be old enough to unleash his rage and emotional dysfunction on his classmates at school, whereupon liberals will promptly offer the evil stepmom unconditional sympathy and blame Republicans and lax gun legislation for the tragedy.

The third photo shows “Demon Stepmom from Hell 2019” and her husband all smiles as they stood together with their three children.

‘Is there any way y’all could remove the kid to the right in these pictures? He’s my stepson and I love these pictures of us together but I also didn’t get any good ones with just [my] two without him,” the “evil stepmother” wrote online, per the original post. “Also remove him from the full family pictures please. Thanks in advance.”

After getting properly slammed for being “a monstrous woman who should die in a housefire,” “Demon Stepmom from Hell 2019 – now with fully-automatic broom” added an edited disclaimer to her note, explaining “I love my stepson but I do want some without him in them.”

“I already posted these ones but I just want to have it both ways,” she cackled (or at least I imagine her cackling).

As you might imagine, Reddit & Facebook users – not exactly the most softspoken of folk – offered one or two opinions about her request:

“This genuinely made me sad. Imagine how that child felt. I bet he noticed he wasn’t included like the other two,” one user wrote.

“I’ve been that kid and I can tell you that he knows, it’s not a good feeling, and it creates a toxic environment,” another agreed.

“As a step-mother, this breaks my heart. It is my job to make sure my step-daughter knows she is loved as much as I love my son,” said another user.

“My heart aches for every child that has made to believe – even just in ‘subtle’ ways like this – that they have nowhere to truly call home,” another said. “I hope his dad comes to his senses and sees those little, micro-aggressive lengths his vile woman goes to separate this little boy from the rest of the family.”

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