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Good news for chubby chasers and cardiologists: roughly half of all American adults will be obese in about 10 years.

New research finds that by 2030, 49.2{342d4ff9325a28dcb7f2c75b24c2a469a7c28c0aebd22d83bf56550a2655925a} of us carb-gobbling, fast-food-lovin’ folk will be shopping exclusively at Big & Tall. According to the study, no fewer than 35{342d4ff9325a28dcb7f2c75b24c2a469a7c28c0aebd22d83bf56550a2655925a} of adults will have a body mass index of at least 30 in all 50 states, the threshold that defines obesity. 

Better still, as we heifers continue to build our stockpiles of personal fat, nearly 1 in 4 of us will have “severe obesity.”

The findings were published in this week’s edition of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Public health researchers at Harvard and George Washington University made these projections by applying established weight trends to Americans across the lifespan and across the map.

Fun Fact: Americans’ feet are getting bigger too! The reason? We’re so fat that the added weight on our feet is causing them to expand in order to support all that extra heft!

The good news is that obesity disproportionately affects poor people. So while rich folks have all the money, poor people are in a much higher weight class. When the time comes to go after those one-percenters and their wealth, you poor people should be able to take ’em.

And now, a heartwarming tale from Marion County, Indiana in which a 750-pound woman died and was taken away on a flatbed trailer:

Not the most dignified way to go out, but it could have been worse. At 1300-pounds, this man was so huge he had to be removed with a crane:

Point to Ponder: At one point in time, this man was able to leave his house. Then one day, he could no longer fit through the door. It makes me curious when that day actually arrived. At what point did this gentleman have to call in “fat” to work? “Sorry, boss, can’t come in today. I’m “fat. Okay if I work from home?”

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