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INDIANAPOLIS- A faculty member at Roncalli High School has been charged with battery following an alleged assault on the school’s campus.

Bob Tully, who serves as Roncalli’s vice president for mission and ministry, was charged Friday with one count of battery resulting in bodily injury.

On Dec. 6, a 14 year-old student told administration that Tully assulted him in the cafeteria.   

The student told officers that he was sitting at a lunch table when Tully came over and “was upset that food had been spilled on the floor.” The student also said Tully seemed “really angry” and insisted that he would make the student a “human vacuum” if it didn’t get cleaned up.

Tully grabbed him from behind, around his upper chest and neck and then pulled him backwards from the lunch table.

Tully spoke with officers at the scene and said he was working in the cafeteria when he was told that a student poured food on the floor. He said he went to the table and found the food on the floor.

Tully said students began to laugh at him and the victim began to stand up from the table. Tully said that’s when he put his hands on the student’s shoulders and pushed him down to keep him from getting up.

Tully said he never did “do any type of choking action.”

No video of the incident was available. 

Tully was placed on administrative investigation after the incident. 

Roncalli High School and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis released the following statement on Friday after the battery charge was filed against Tully:

“Roncalli High School and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis were made aware today that Bob Tully, Roncalli’s vice president for mission and ministry, was charged with battery stemming from an incident involving a student in the school’s cafeteria on December 6. Immediately following the incident, the school called the student’s parents and the police, and a report was made by the school to the Indiana Department of Child Services. The police met at the school on December 6 with the individuals involved. The student required no medical attention. Roncalli cooperated with the police and DCS throughout their investigation. Roncalli notified all school parents of the incident on December 6. Mr. Tully has been on administrative leave since December 6 and will remain on leave while the criminal proceedings continue. Following the conclusion of the case further action may be taken.The safety and well-being of every student is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to continuously seeking ways to improve practices and procedures related to student safety. We ask for prayers for all involved and assure you of Roncalli’s continued commitment to student safety.”


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