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Spending the holidays away from family and friends.  If someone you love is serving in the military, you know better than anyone what it’s like having an empty seat at the table.  First Lady Janet Holcomb, and Ray Shearer, Chairman of the USS Indiana & USS Indianapolis Commissioning Committee joined me as Co-Hosts, talking to Veterans about being deployed during the holidays. 

Vice Admiral Sean Buck from Indiana is now the Superintendent of the US Naval Academy.  He and his wife Joanne spoke to us about the time away from each other and also the homecomings! 

We also talked with Military Personnel currently serving that won’t make it home this year. Brigadier General Jason Bohm, & Chief Calvin Mozeman called us from Portugal. Gen. Bohm said the greatest gift our military can give us is the gift of protection, not only for Americans, but to innocent people in other countries. His Unit responded to the survivors of the deadly Tsunami that struck the Island of Sumatra during the holidays in 2004.

Captain Katie Elkins, nearly 20 years in the National Guard.  She missed the “smells” of home. She described what it was like being in Afghanistan during Christmas, which included care packages from home and Christmas trees!

In all, we spoke with 10 Military heroes thanks to Ray Shearer who did all the leg-work.  General Robert Neller, USMC.  Rear Admiral Doug Perry, Rear Admiral Gene Price, Veteran Robert Vane & his niece Capt. Katie Elkins of the National Guard.  Brigadier General Jason Bohm & Chief Calvin MozmanCaptain Billy Franklin and Vice Admiral Sean Buck, Supt. of the US Naval Academy.

The common thread among all of our guests?  Regardless of where they were stationed, or what branch of military they served, they all agreed that their brothers and sisters in uniform were and are family too. 

It was one of my favorite 2 hours on radio!   Listening to those who have sacrifieced much, so that we can do things like celebrate holidays.