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(Ben Birchall – PA Images / Contributor/Getty Images)

Congrats, CNN! Another cringe-worthy New Year’s Eve broadcast is in the history books!

Tuesday night, CNN host Anderson Cooper dragged the formerly credible network to an all-new low as he muttered on-air, “Who’s got the biggest c*** in Hollywood,” while recalling a comment made by his late mother, Gloria Vanderbilt.

Joined on camera by Bravo’s Andy Cohen, a tipsy Cooper relayed a conversation he had with his mother right before she was interviewed on “Watch What Happens Live,” a show hosted by Cohen.

“He’s not going to ask me who’s got the biggest bleep … of anyone I’ve ever been with,” Cohen recalled Vanderbilt asking her son.

Cooper decided to deliver a little shock value (it’s not like anyone was watching CNN anyway) by using the word “c***” during his retelling of the story.

“She turns to me out of the blue and goes, ‘He’s not going to ask me who’s got the biggest c*** in Hollywood, is he?’ That’s what she said,” Cooper stated.

“Anderson just said it, okay,” Cohen said.

Fun Fact: Cooper discussed his mother’s sex life last year during his New Year’s coverage for CNN. 

WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel break down the latest chapter in CNN’s desperate quest to remain relevant in the clip below.