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Seems Virginia isn’t the only state where legislators do not listen to the citizens. Democratic Sen. Greg Taylor, who represents part of Indianapolis, has proposed legislation that would prevent the sale of a gun to anyone under 21 years of age, and would limit firearms to only 10 rounds.

It reads, in part:

Firearms. Prohibits the: (1) sale; (2) trade; or (3) transfer; of a regulated weapon to a person less than 21 years of age. Provides that a dealer or person who knowingly or intentionally: (1) sells; (2) trades; or (3) transfers; a regulated weapon to a person less than 21 years of age commits a Level 6 felony. Provides certain defenses. Prohibits a person from possessing, selling, or offering for sale a magazine or similar device for a firearm with a capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

The bill will also regulate where you can carry a firearm.

Luckily, Indiana is not Virginia. This bill is going nowhere; it’s a whole bunch of virtue-signaling from a politico who could not care less about the rest of the state. But it’s a reminder that the Midwest is not immune to dangerous, thoughtless people. Another example? The first move of the newly elected Indianapolis City-County (20 Democrats, 5 Republicans) was to look into a study on how the city can impact climate change!

It was the same week where Councilor Blake Johnson declared about Millennials on the Council:

I don’t think we are monolithic, but I do know it’s environmental sustainability, it’s equity of opportunity and outcomes, it’s social justice.

Equity of outcomes and anti-gun legislation may be the talk of progressives, but it is really the talk of regression, not progress. Pushing for more government control while pushing for less citizen protection is a dangerous, despotic mix. Second Amendment supporters are right to be concerned about the anti-gun crowd. They are relentless, and the only way to fight them is to be equally relentless in support of the right to keep and bear arms. You should also train. Regularly.

Contact Sen. Taylor here, and politely and respectfully let him know what you think of this assault on Hoosier’s rights.