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(INDIANAPOLIS) – A ban on using your phone while driving is getting a lukewarm response from House and Senate leaders.

Governor Holcomb announced last month he’d make it a priority to join about 20 states which allow only hands-free phone use behind the wheel. He argues Indiana’s existing ban on texting while driving is essentially unenforceable, because it’s difficult for the officer who pulls you over to prove what you were doing with your phone.

House Speaker Brian Bosma and Senate President Pro Tem Rod Bray agree there’s little doubt a ban would make the roads safer. But Bosma says some House members have already told him they’ll oppose a phone ban as an infringement on personal freedom. He describes himself as a swing vote. The speaker says he’s already warned Holcomb he’ll need to lobby legislators directly.

Bray says the proposal is serious legislation and will get serious consideration, but says right now, senators are still thinking through the implications of the idea.

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