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INDIANAPOLIS — Women who buy feminine hygiene products, such as tampons, pay a tax on those products every time they buy them.

State Rep. Carey Hamilton (D-Indianapolis) wants to get rid of that tax, saying it’s a tax that is only being levied on women and they should not be taxed for something that they need on a regular basis.

“One in 4 Hoosier women are struggling to pay these costs,” she said to WISH-TV. “They’re having to choose between food for their kids and their personal health care items. Today, in Indiana, if you buy Viagra, you do not pay taxes. So, this is a real inequity in our tax system.”

“It makes sense that women shouldn’t be taxed for something that biologically, physiologically happens to them once a month,” said Dr. Corinna Yu, who was at the statehouse to show support for the bill.

According to Period Equity, the state of Indiana makes almost $5-million annually in tampon tax revenue.

Feminine hygiene products are not taxed in Illinois or Ohio, according to the Period Equity group. If Hamilton’s “tampon tax” bill passes, menstrual cups, tampons, pads and other feminine hygiene products would be tax-free in Indiana.

Hamilton said she already has Republican support for this bill. She also says she hopes to find out in the coming days if her bill gets a hearing.

(PHOTO: SOPA Images/Getty Images)