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(Screen Capture: WSB-TV)

You ever have yourself one of those lousy days at work where you inadvertently get yourself hit by a train? That’s exactly what happened in Georgia to Polk County Sheriff’s Officer Andy Anderson recently, and his body camera captured the entire thing!

H&N Courtesy Fact: In order to experience maximum enjoyment of the remainder of this article and its accompanying video, please note that Officer Andy Anderson is just fine and recovering comfortably at home.

On we go…

Here’s what happened:

Anderson was walking along the Norfolk Southern railroad track following a report of a burglary at a nearby home.

Anderson then spotted a man carrying a television set, and as he radioed for backup, he didn’t notice that a train was barreling toward him.

Anderson stepped off the tracks, assuming he was out of the path of the train.


Anderson was taken to Redmond Regional Hospital in Rome, Georgia with several broken bones and was released on Sunday, according to the New York Post.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking: “Whoa, that police officer must be the luckiest man on earth!”

That’s an understandable observation, but let’s not forgot that the man was just hit by a damn train!

We’re genuinely glad he’s okay, but we’re not going to be rubbing his hair for luck or asking him to predict Powerball numbers.

By the way, this officer is amazing and the video is a reminder that these heroes risk their lives every single day to keep our communities safe. Next time you see an officer or firefighter, tell them “thank you.” 

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