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LAUREL, Ind.–A six-hour standoff was started by a man who police say had warrants out for his arrest and wouldn’t surrender without a fight. 

Police say it started at about 11:30 Monday morning when state police troopers went to a home at 139 Commerce Drive in Laurel to serve arrest warrants on Jonathan C. Bingham, 34, who lived there. 

Bingham was wanted on a parole warrant as well as an additional warrant out of Ripley County, investigators say. 

When officers got there, they say Bingham tried to run out the back door, but then ran back inside when he saw a police officer. After he ran back in, investigators say he stayed there for nearly six hours and refused to surrender.

They also say he told officers he would shoot them. 

At 5:30 pm, Bingham gave himself up. Once they put Bingham in handcuffs, officers say they searched his home and found meth, syringes, and other drug paraphernalia. 

Bingham was arrested on several charges. He’s in the Ripley County Jail. 

(PHOTO: Indiana State Police)