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(Photo: Fox News)

Fox News host Jesse Watters returned to the Hammer and Nigel show Thursday afternoon to break down the coma-inducing 7th and final (Praise Jesus) debate before the Iowa Caucuses.

“It was so bad that it actually made me miss the Wine Cave,” Watters told Hammer and Nigel. “God that was a horrible debate; absolutely horrible!”

With no clear front-runner and rising tensions between a few of the six candidates on stage Tuesday night, most political pundits were predicting a delightful and vitriolic ragefest. You know, some verbal skirmishes, a gourmet selection of dirty looks, perhaps a few measured and appropriately violent shoving matches? Nope! Instead, it had all the fun and excitement of an afternoon at the DMV.

“None of these people have any charisma at all,” remarked Watters. “It didn’t even feel like they were keeping and fighting for this nomination, which you have to do if you’re going to win this thing, and they were out there playing patty cake.”

He continued: “Listening to Bernie and Liz going after each other with a he said/she said, and then CNN takes the side or Warren without having any idea what’s going on, I’m feeling bad for Bernie at this point.”

Watters said he was hoping for Sen. Bernie Sanders to secure the Democratic nomination for the entertainment value of a Trump vs. Sanders debate.

“But I don’t think the Democratic voters want to see these candidates fight; they want to see them go after Trump,” Watters hypothesized. “But what that does is it delays this primary to eternity, and it drags it out in a way to where it’s expensive and they’re going to have a brokered convention in Wisconsin.”

Focusing on Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s attacks on Sanders, Watters suggested the Massachusetts Senator shift her attention to going after former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I would go after Biden and let up until the sun came down,” said Watters. “She needs to let Bernie do his thing and then consolidate the Bernie vote after Sanders eventually flames out.” 

He continued: “The Bernie Bros are very loyal, and if you mess with them, they’re going to come for your head. So she does have to be careful if she plays the gender card against Senator Bernie Sanders. And regardless of who winds up on the ticket, Sanders and Warren are going to need each other’s socialist left-wing voters, so they need to be very careful around each other and be sure they’re not going for the jugular.”

Regarding former Vice President Biden’s support from voters, Watters noted that the candidate’s strong polling numbers speak more to the weakness of the rest of the Democratic field than Biden’s strengths.

“When you’re competing in a field of clowns, you’re not a clown,” said Watters. “But I’m just amazed that after serving in politics for more than 30 years, Biden still stumbles through basic policy about healthcare. It’s like he has no idea how Obamacare works; he has no idea how the world works. And this guy has been in charge since the 1980s.”

He continued: “[Biden] can’t put a clear sentence together on drug prices, on trade, on North Korea. I listened to his answer on North Korea and I had no idea what he was talking about, nor do I think HE knew what he was talking about. It’s just sad that this is where we are today.”

Watters also weighed in on impeachment. Click the link below to hear Hammer and Nigel’s full interview with Fox News Host Jessie Watters.