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(Screen Capture: Fox News)

Greg Gutfeld spoke for millions of frustrated conservatives Wednesday as he verbally eviscerated House Democrats for the disgusting impeachment ceremony that took place,  saying that the entire affair was an “emotional tantrum.”

“They were spackling a turd with gold paint,” he said on “The Five”. “This was like a baptism at the Addams Family.”

But Gutfeld was just warming up as he slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for taking time to sign each stroke of her signature with a different pen, allowing her House impeachment managers and the six chief committee chairs to have a keepsake of sorts from the ceremony.

“We are paying for those freaking pens,” he said of the American taxpayer. “We’re all suckers for believing this is serious.”

“This was an emotional tantrum directed at Daddy, who won the election, and they are mad at Daddy,” he added, referring to President Trump.

On “The Five,” Gutfeld called the choreographed procession of Trump’s impeachment documents “phony” and a waste of Americans’ time.

“They don’t hate Trump,” he told viewers. “They hate you. He’s a proxy for you because you voted for him — they think you are a bunch of rubes because you didn’t listen to the media. This is their revenge.”

Gutfeld went on to predict Trump’s reelection, adding that Republicans should “rub [Democrats’] noses” in impeachment if they retain both the Senate and the presidency and retake the House.

See Gutfeld’s rant in all it’s glory here:

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