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(Photo: Fairfield Police Department)

A certified piece of human filth and registered sex offender in California is back behind bars after attempting to enter an elderly couple’s home through their doggy door – while NAKED.

Fairfield police say Leroy Vance was seen hopping a fence to gain entry into the couple’s backyard, prompting a sharp-eyed woman to dial 911. 

Then things got weird.

“He dropped his drawers and mooned her and was trying to get her outside,” said homeowner Fred Farrell, 83. When that didn’t work, the pantless prowler attempted to gain entry to the home through a doggy door.

Police arrived in less than two minutes, prompting Vance to flee the scene and escape by jumping fences into other backyards.

After a brief chase, Vance was apprehended and taken into custody. Authorities said that Vance was required to wear an ankle monitor stemming from a previous conviction, but managed to cut it off. He was taken to Solano County Jail and is facing charges for violating parole, possession of methamphetamine, criminal trespass, and resisting arrest.

“I thank the big guy that there were no kids around,” Farrell told local media outlet, KTXL. 

Farrell said he was glad that officers arrived quickly and hopes that Vance will remain locked up.

“I want him off the streets,” Farrell said. “He ought to be put in prison. I just wonder why he was let out of jail.”

We at the Hammer and Nigel show can tell you EXACTLY why Vance was let out of prison, Mr. Farrell: California Assembly Bills 2942, 109, and Propositions 47 & 57. In short, the enlightened government of California is letting many violent offenders out of jail early while simultaneously limiting its citizen’s gun rights. Read all about it HERE.

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