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INDIANAPOLIS — Some residents at a mobile home park in Indianapolis that were told to leave by the end of October are still living there.

It’s because they cannot leave without getting the titles to their homes from I-70 Mobile Home Park’s owner, Blue Lake, Inc. Residents like John Hale and Jeff Melton tell WISH-TV they haven’t been able to leave because they have not been able to get in touch with Blue Lake.

The company said last year the park needed a new sewer system and a few other things to keep the park running. But, Blue Lake said they did not want to spend the $100,000 needed to do that. So instead, they told everyone they had until October 15th to vacate. A court order then extended that deadline to the 21st. 

That date has come and gone, yet some are still living there. With the company unreachable and not taking care of upkeep, the park has fallen into disrepair.

“Everything is kind of in limbo right at the moment,” Melton said. “There’s no management here. Nobody controlling anything here. I guess it’s just every man and woman for themselves.”   

“It’s like it was hit by a tornado. It’s causing mice infestation, rodents. It’s causing more feral cats to come in here, stray dogs,” Hale said. “Kids are playing on these piles.”

Piles of trash that have accumulated ever since trash removal was stopped last year. Many vacated homes have been targeted by scrapers looking for copper and other metals they can take and sell. 

The Marion County Health Department issued a notice to Blue Lake in late December about the trash and debris lying around on the property. The owner has asked for a hearing, but it’s not clear if and when a hearing will be.

Until that hearing happens any clean up of the trash is on hold.