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INDIANAPOLIS — Two people were “battered” Thursday evening at an IndyGo Red Line station near Garfield Park, according to a police report.

One victim reported being knocked unconscious by the unidentified suspect, detectives told News 8.

The aggravated assault happened around 5:30 p.m. at a southbound Red Line station at the southwest corner of Raymond and Shelby streets, the victims told police.

The man and woman were waiting for the rapid transit bus when a “stranger” drove up, parked at a BP gas station behind the Red Line platform, exited his vehicle and “calmly walked over” to them, they told police.

The suspect punched the woman twice, knocking her out, before trading blows with the man and fleeing in his car. The victims called 911 from a CVS Pharmacy across the street after the woman regained consciousness.

Investigators did not immediately provide suspect information or surveillance footage of the attack.

The victims may have known their assailant, contrary to what they told police, according to a Garfield Park resident who said his niece witnessed the incident. He blamed “rampant drug use” for homelessness and violent crime in the neighborhood.

Elvin Gwin, another resident, said he had witnessed illegal drug transactions in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant at Raymond and Shelby streets.

Surveillance cameras outside the restaurant, a Safeway grocery store, a CVS Pharmacy, a gas station, two Red Line stations and other businesses near the intersection didn’t appear to deter criminals, Gwin noted.

“They do drug deals right here,” he said, pointing to the parking lot behind the northbound Red Line station on Raymond Street. “You see that s— right here, in the parking lot, a lot.”

Another man, who said he had been sleeping near the northbound station for about a year, warned pedestrians to be aware of their surroundings.

“It’s all about intimidation,” he told News 8. “We have a lot of drug addicts [in the area]. We have a lot of drug dealers… There’s more police than you know around here because we have a police substation right down the street. But they’re not always here at the right time.”

Police were unable to confirm a motive for Thursday’s assault.

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