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EVANSVILLE, Ind.–A dog that was adopted in Evansville went missing in 2013, but it was found recently in Los Angeles. 

A white pit bull named Kisska was first adopted from It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue Center in Evansville, but vanished. The staff at It Takes a Village got a call from an animal shelter in Los Angeles saying Kisska was with them. 

A microchip helped them find the dog.  

“When we rescue a dog, we commit to it for life!” It Takes a Village wrote on Facebook. 

They connected with a trucker who was heading to Indiana. That trucker and his wife let Kisska catch a ride in the cab of their semi all the way from LA to Evansville. 

“We could not have asked for better people for her to catch a ride with,” It Takes a Village wrote on Facebook. “They let her play at truck stop dog parks, gave her treats and chicken nuggets at every meal, and even got to sleep between them at night.” 

Kisska arrived back home Sunday. 

It Takes a Village says they have tried reaching out to Kisska’s adoptive family, but have not been able to reach them. No one knows for sure how Kisska ended up in California. 

(PHOTO: It Takes a Village Facebook Page)