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NEW ALBANY, Ind.–Leaving her children in a car out in the cold while she was shopping at Wal-Mart is what a woman from Jeffersonville is accused of doing.

Police say they arrested Nashunda S. Greene, 40, after her kids told them she was in Wal-Mart shopping while they were in a car when the temperature was about 37 degrees Sunday night. 

The children are 5 and 10 years old. 

The car was turned off, so no heat was running, investigators say. A state trooper investigating the scene believes the children were left unattended for a minimum of 15 minutes before the police were notified. 

That trooper was assisted by a New Albany police officer who into the store to have the mother paged. As soon Greene arrived back at her car, she was arrested. 

Greene has been charged with neglect of a dependent. The children are okay. They are now with their father. 

(PHOTO: Thinkstock/Chalabala)