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Nearly 13,000 women in the United Stares are diagnosed with Cervical Cancer each year. January is “Cervical Cancer Awareness Month” so I invited DR. TINA AYENI to the First Day, to talk about Symptoms, Prevention, Vaccines, and Screenings.  Dr. Ayeni is a Gynecologic Oncology Specialist with Franciscan Health.

Dr. Ayeni says, “Cervical Cancer is an amazing story. It used to be the #1 Cancer in the country. When we started doing regular pap smears in the ’70’s it dramatically reduced the risk of cervical cancer in the U.S. by 70{5ad3c25f5d8a6462a9daae157324f98d5b0edc4be0c0ed5ad8ca367936c1d337}.”  Pap Smears screenings are still important even in this era of HPV Vaccinations.  “There are over 100 types of HPV viruses.  The vaccines target the most common ones related to cervical cancer so it’s helpful, but Pap Smear Screening is never going to go away.”

The most common type of Gynocologic Cancer is Endometrial.  Biggest risk factor?  Obesity.  “Most of those cancers derive if you have excess fat cells in the body.” says Dr. Ayeni.

Cervical Cancers and the most common symptom?  Frequent Urination.

Prevention of Endrometrial Cancer, the most common cancer?  Maintain an ideal body weight.  According to Dr. Ayeni, the biggest cause Ovarian Cancer is still genetics.   

 Dr. Tina Ayeni, Gynocologic Surgeon with Franciscan Health.  Click HERE to contact her at Franciscan.  Or call 317-528-1420.   She’s terrific!