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NEW DEHLI, India. — The number of confirmed cases of the Wuhan coronavirus continues to grow worldwide, as the city at the heart of the outbreak marks a week since it was first placed under lockdown.

More than 7,700 cases of the virus have been confirmed in mainland China as of Wednesday evening, including 170 deaths, according to the country’s National Health Commission. This marks an increase of almost 30{5ad3c25f5d8a6462a9daae157324f98d5b0edc4be0c0ed5ad8ca367936c1d337} in the number of cases from the previous day.

All 31 provinces and regions within China have now reported confirmed cases of the virus, including Tibet, which had instituted strict checks on travelers and shutdown tourist sites in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to stop its spread to the region.

The continued rise in the number of infections comes as multiple countries evacuate their citizens from Wuhan.

There are more than 100 cases of the virus beyond mainland Chinese borders, and Indian authorities on Thursday confirmed their first case in a student who had studied in Wuhan. The virus now spans 20 countries or territories across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Most concerning, instances of human-to-human transmission have been reported overseas, including in Germany, the first such case in Europe.

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday ordered the People’s Liberation Army to aid in “winning the battle against the novel coronavirus epidemic.” Military medical teams have already been sent to Wuhan and soldiers are also aiding with transporting supplies to the stricken city.

The World Health Organization (WHO) will meet again on Thursday to decide whether to declare the virus a global health emergency, something it has so far refrained from doing, despite widespread criticism.

(PHOTO: Kirill Kukhmar/Getty Images)